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"Kid of Parts" community space enhances lives of Bayview Commons Residents

In late 2020 and early 2021, Mission Housing began a quality-of-life improvement project with the undergraduate students of San Francisco’s Academy of Art School of Architecture for the residents at Bayview Commons.

“Kid of Parts” — a new modular play space and mural project — was accomplished through a community workshop, various meetings with the San Francisco Housing Development Corporation and online community zoom calls with the children living at Bayview Commons.

Through that community engagement, students at AAS’ B. Lab program learned that residents wanted an active, intergenerational and flexible space that allowed for interactive play, relaxing and community events that took into account the new social distancing guidelines forced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The final design incorporated a set of flexible, movable furniture that could be setup in different configurations. The notions of intergenerational play, lounging, greenspace and socializing were emphasized through the design of different panels on the modular pieces. The colorful groundscape mural was coded to show how the space is used.

In April of 2021, “Kid of Parts” was unveiled to the residents at Bayview Commons. Dozens gathers, adhering to all Covid-19 protocols, to celebrate the completion of the project.

“We’ve worked in full partnership, through an unprecedented year, with Mission Housing and SFHDC to make this project happen,” said Sameena Sitabkhan, a member of the B. Lab Faculty at the Academy of Arts College. “We are really thankful to the residents of Bayview Commons for allowing us into their courtyard space and for inspiring this design. The students that created and built this project worked through the past year and are very proud of the the work they’ve done and hope that it brings a little joy to the residents of Bayview Commons.”

"I am excited about the project, because by having some input from the residents they feel empowered , the residents are a part of something new and creative,” said Rhonda Haley, a Resident Services Coordinator with the San Francisco Housing Development Corporation. “Right now the courtyard is bland, and it needs a makeover, with bright colors and new possibilities.”

The “Kid of Parts” project was a partnership between the B.Lab program, SFHDC, and Mission Housing. B.Lab is a community-based design program in the School of Architecture at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. The goal is for students to cultivate and foster diversity, equity, and advocacy for future public projects.


Adam Nuru, B.Arch

Markish Siojo, B. Arch

Corona Gao, B.Arch

Dylan Ingle, B.Arch

Fabio Lemos, B.Arch

Gena Whitman - Shop Manager

Faculty -Sameena Sitabkhan

Other Donors:

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